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Commercial Real Estate

Mercy Housing builds and manages ground-floor retail and commercial spaces in many of our residential communities.


With over 446,421 square feet of ground-floor commercial space in current and planned affordable housing communities across the country, we pride ourselves on our relationship with community-serving nonprofits and small businesses. We are intentional in how we plan, design, and manage these spaces and how we work with our commercial tenants. We believe these ground floor spaces can provide opportunity for residents and businesses alike. 


Our goal is for our ground floor spaces to support and facilitate healthy, equitable, and resilient communities. We aim to attract tenants that provide affordable services and resources to our residents and the surrounding neighborhood. We also strive to support local, small businesses who want to engage with the neighborhood.


L1703_BinisKitchen_©MarikoReed_01- Exterior.jpg

Bini’s Kitchen is the commercial tenant at Mercy Housing’s Bill Sorro Community, 1001 Howard Street in San Francisco.

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Keep up with Mercy Housing Commercial

Follow @mercyhousingcommercial on instagram and keep up with our current commercial tenants! Please visit our Partner with Us tab to see our available spaces for lease.


This map shows our current commercial tenants. We think they’re outstanding, and we hope you visit and support them! Zoom in and click on icons to find restaurants, retail, services, and nonprofit spaces in Mercy Housing communities!

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